Welcome to Le Comptoir Gourmand

a small, family bakery that makes you hungry for more

Le Comptoir Gourmand is a small, family bakery in Wemmel which employs the artisan method of preparation. And you can taste it. But what exactly does the artisan method of preparation entail? First and foremost, we select the best ingredients for you: native cereals, sourdough, real butter… With a slow leavening process at the ideal temperature and humidity level, the dough is prepared for the brick oven. Everyone notices the difference – bread with character. Pastries from Le Comptoir Gourmand also melt in the mouth. Dairy butter gives them a distinct character and spiciness. This makes you simply want… the next bite.

Bon appétit!
Gilbert, Laurent & Nicolas De Decker

…Everyone notices the difference – bread with character…